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Once I moved to Japan 8 years ago I had the opportunity to start a new career (the first one is design). As a coach, athlete and bodybuilding competitor, I develop a deep passion for understand the systems that build muscle in the hips, glutes and lower body. My experience and work to mastering the techniques, allow my clients to evaluate their progress in centimeters and kilos.

AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) Certificated Personal Trainer.
IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Athlete and competitor.
Master Glutetrainer (Masterclass from Glutebuilder Company) specialized in Hip training and Body composition. (In Japanese: Body shape)

I believe in “vibes” and like surround myself with positive and high vibration people, in the same way that I like the people who are in contact with me can feel they can improve themselves through sports and healthy decisions.

What’s your fight?

As a Personal trainer specialized in strength and hips training, is support my clients in their step-by-step process and measure their progress in kilos and centimeters!

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Hip Training | Tu 18:45, Sa 8:00, 10:30
DUT | Sa 9:15