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At UFC Gym, we offer training developed by teams of the world's best professionals and fitness based on MMA. Experience UFC Gym's original training that you won't find anywhere else. Try a free Trial


UFC Gym is a pioneer in fitness gyms based on mixed martial arts training. We created a program based on the training of top athletes, geared towards the public. Young and old, men and women, anyone can have fun and train effectively.

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UFC Gym's Junior Program is a one-stop shop for exercising and learning English! UFC Gym's Junior Program, which wishes for the healthy growth of children, is designed to acquire basic athletic ability that can be applied inside and outside the gym and English proficiency that is the basis for global success.

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Machine Room

Top class machines and equipment ready to be used.



Coaches with various backgrounds such as kickboxing, BJJ, yoga, etc., will fully support your training. Bilingual coaches teach classes conducted in English, where you can feel like you are studying abroad while staying in Japan.